How To Take Care Of Your Deck

Sunny weather means more time spent on your deck. Natural wear and tear is normal, especially in a high-traffic area like your outdoor living space. Not to mention year-round exposure to the elements that can cause weathering, cracks, rust, and other hazards. Whether your deck is made of composite or hardwood, proper maintenance is necessary to keep it looking good. 

In addition to professional servicing, here are some things you can do to ensure your deck stays in great shape and offers many years of outdoor entertainment. 

Yearly Deck Inspection

Similarly to your once a year doctor appointment, your deck needs its yearly checkup. Natural settling, weather, and wear can cause cracked boards, loose and protruding nails, mildew and mold, and more. You will need to make sure the frame and joints are secure, as well as the ledger, which is the part that connects the deck to your home.

You can take care of this yourself, or schedule a yearly inspection with Titan Decks. It’s important to do a thorough job if you want your deck to last a lifetime. 

Power Washing

To prevent damaging growth such as mold and moss from sprouting on your deck, it’s a good idea to wash it thoroughly. The type of product you use will depend on whether your deck is made of real wood or composite. 

When using a pressure washer, make sure to follow the grain of the wood to prevent any damage. 

Sealing and Staining Your Deck

A sealant will create a protective barrier over the wood, keeping it safe from the elements. Reinforce the effects of a sealant by staining your natural wood deck boards. Many stains already have the sealant added, and there are many colors you can choose from. Once you decide, consider products that include UV protection and water repellent for further preservation. 

Weekly Cleanup

Once per week, sweep away fallen debris that litter the deck. Also, keep any trees trimmed back at least a foot from the area to prevent moss and fungus growth. 

Have fun rearranging the outdoor furniture, which should be done regularly in order to keep certain areas from fading faster than others. Also, make sure to pay attention to the space around your grill. Oil and food spills can cause damage to the surface. 


Michigan winters can start in October and go through April. Those long, cold months can wreak havoc on your deck if you hadn’t properly winterized it. 

  • Remove outdoor furniture
  • Clear off the potted plants (maybe move them indoors)
  • Store the grill if it’s not built-in
  • Clean off any leaves, and make sure there aren’t any between the boards.
  • Remove any snow that builds up–shovel with the grain to lessen the chance of surface scratches
  • Avoid putting down any salt or other chemicals that could wear away the finish

If you need assistance with the upkeep of your deck, please reach out to Titan Decks. We’re here to help. 

Deck Shade And Cover Ideas

There’s nothing better than the feeling of the warm sun on your skin. Well, except when it starts getting too warm, and there’s no deck shade to retreat to. You don’t have to go indoors to seek shelter from the summer swelter. Adding a sun-protected space to your deck will allow you to enjoy the Michigan summer, without feeling the burn. 


A pergola can be either attached to your home, or it can be a free-standing structure. There are so many ways to decorate it, as well. From draping canopies for more cover to adding string lights, pergolas can add a bit of drama to liven up any backyard. 


Umbrellas are an easy way to create shade. Because many umbrellas are portable, you can move them wherever you need to. With so many different varieties and colors, it’s a great way to add some character to your outdoor space. 


Gazebos can provide much-needed protection from the sun, as well as a beautiful structure to add more flair to your outdoor space. Gazebo prices run the gamut, as do the styles. Varieties include ‘open-air’ gazebos, as well as ones with netting or curtains. 


Considered “Nature’s Canopy” for good reason. In this instance, they provide coverage from the sun when they are strategically placed around your deck. Avoid planting trees too close to your house, they can cause problems with the foundation. Also, once that shed too much, the foliage and the fluids can cause damage to the deck planks. 


Canopies are as versatile as they are easy. There are many pop up canopies available, making them extremely portable. Canopies are also very low maintenance, as well as removable. 

Tiki-thatched Roof 

Capture an island vibe with a thatched roof strategically placed over a sitting area. Chill with a cocktail and enjoy the comfort of your tropical backyard vacay. 

Screens or Awnings

There are a variety of screens available that will give your deck some sun relief. Some, you can set up manually. Others are more complex so you’ll need to hire a professional. 
At Titan Decks, we can create your dream backyard, from decks to deck shade. Give us a call for your free contactless in-home estimate.

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